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The Story Behind Our Name

Meet The Parkers!

Blue vs White Football Game 4/21/18
We aren’t your normal couple and when you meet us you’ll find out why. Tim is a retired powerlifter who wanted to design boats but now enjoys baking, hockey and meeting new people. Sasha is definitely the more normal of the two. She enjoys surprises, hosting parties and never does anything without music in the background. Expect tons of energy, passion, food and questions from Tim while Sasha balances him with her thoughtfulness and patience. We also have a corgi named Samson who may love food even more than Tim. We both have a passion to see God’s love break through State College. We believe that community is key to love breaking through to each of our hearts. In a world filled with what seems to be nothing but hatred and condemnation, we want to bring back love. Social and personal transformation is possible when you place your faith in something bigger than yourself. Let us help you awaken your faith!

The Launch Team

 Cade Wilbert, Millie Rodriguez, André N’guettia, Emily Briselli
Tim Parker, Sasha Parker, Tre, Eric Robinson, Maverickm and Anabel Delgado
Not Pictured: Steve Klebacha, Karen Williams, Tatum Risch, Janet Campolongo, Tyler Payne, Noelle Payne, David Pencek and Jennifer Pencek
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